Corn and Soybean Planting Considerations

Source: UNL Cropwatch  APRIL 24, 2019

Article by Jenny Rees - Extension Educator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


"Everything we do at planting sets the stage for the rest of the year. We’re blessed to have equipment that can allow for many acres to be planted in a short time. And, we have the ability to mess up a lot of acres in a short time. The following are research-based tips for consideration.


Proper Soil Conditions

Compaction can occur from driving on or tilling in wet soils, creating clods and hard pans. Sidewall compaction can occur when injecting fertilizer or planting seed into wet soils when it’s being “mudded in.” Planting in wet conditions leads to the temptation of planting shallow.  This can cause other issues. Instead, be sure to plant with  Plant into soil temps as close to 50°F as possible. Check weather conditions for the next 48 hours to see if temperatures are expected to be 50°F or higher, and avoid saturated soil conditions. If planting a few degrees less than 50°F, make sure to check with seed dealers on more cold-tolerant seed, and only plant if the forecast is calling for warm temperatures the next few days that would also help increase the soil temperature. Once planted, corn seeds need a 48-hour window and soybean seeds need at least a 24-hour window when the soil temperature at planting depth does not drop much below 50°F"


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